Organizational Structure


Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Mara Regina Santos da Silva - Lattes

Assistant Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Jamila Geri Tomaschewski Barlem - Lattes


Téc. Adm. em Education: Leonardo Malaguez Batista -

Post Graduate Committee

The PPGEnf/FURG has as its internal decision-making body the Post Graduate Committee - COMPOS, composed by all professors, a master’s and PhD students representative and an administrative technician in education, all with the right to voice and vote.

Advisory Committees

Four Commissions advise the Coordination of the program: Didactic-Pedagogical Commission, Finance Commission, Scholarship Commission and Internationalization Commission. Each Commission is made up of at least two professors and a student representative appointed by peers.

Didactic-Pedagogical Committee: aims to advise the Coordination of PPGEnf/FURG in the development of didactic and pedagogical actions that guide teaching in master's and PhD courses.

Finance Committee: aims to advise the Coordination on the planning and execution of the budget allocated to the Program, as well as requesting the raising of additional financial resources for its maintenance.

Scholarship Committee: aims to regulate the distribution of scholarships from development agencies among PPGEnf/FURG students, establishing criteria.

Internationalization Commission: it has the purpose of promoting international cooperation actions and advising professors and students on internationalization procedures